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PPhysical and chemical content (%)
General humus in %
Organic substance
Chemical elements in %
N-1.2and more; P2O5-1.1 and more; K2O-0.5 and more; CaO-4.5 and more;MMgO- 1.0 and more.
       Manure     Bio-humus
Weed seeds           yes           no
Ecology           no           yes
Existence of pathogenic micro-flora           yes            no
1/100 use norm for good harvest      600-900kg        40-80kg
Provision of strong immunity           no            yes
Elimination of heavy metals and radio-nucleides in soil           no            yes
Guarantee of obtaining ecological products           no            yes
Smell          yes            no
Soil safety           no            yes
Component of greenhouse and plants ground fertilizing           no            yes
100% digested by plants           no            yes
Use for flower-beds and in-door plants           no            yes
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It is well known that the world number one problem in the nearest future will be supply of the Earth population with the healthy food products.
World prominent scientists forecast the deficiency of healthy food products by 2020. One of the reasons of it is the tendency of treatment the agricultural soil with chemicals as a result of which the soil becomes infertile and the level of its productivity decreases as well as the quality of the products grown on the soil. (The soil often becomes unproductive)
Why Bio-Humus?

The modern world experienced demonstrated that human beings are able to accelerate the productivity of soil recreation and create “live soil”.  That is what the bio-humus is used in the soil.  In all countries the production of ecological products is becoming a priority.  This is turn is the reason of the production and use of ecological organic fertilizers.       
Bio-humus is ecological, natural and biologically active organic fertilizer which is produced using the method of processing the organic waste where the main role is given to the worms.     
Bio-humus is concentrated organic fertilizer.  The whole set of complex nutritional substances are balanced in it.  It consists of micro-elements, enzymes, soil antibiotics, vitamins, hormones required to stimulate the growth and development of plants and which is most important - the whole complex of acids.  The intensive use of bio-humus and the bio-preparations produced from it restores the agro-technical indicators of the soil.  It significantly decreases the level of nitrates and chemicals, purifies the soil from heavy metals restricts the development of pathological micro-flora.  It also clears the land from weeds.  The use of bio-humus significantly decreases the number of fertilizing minerals and chemicals.  It increases the productivity of the soil and decreases the expenses on labor.
We have a very big variety of clients.  In particular, all producers of bio-products, farmers, owners of greenhouses, wineries, vegetable producers, city plantings, sport grounds, households, and offices.  Cattle, poultry and fish farms are also using bio-humus as its bio-mass is quite expensive food addition.
Bio-humus is 100% organic fertilizer and the only guarantor to obtain ecological harvest.  The efficiency of bio-humus lasts during 4-5 years after its use in the soil and it demonstrates the productivity increase of 30-70% depending on the cultures.
Bio-humus is 10-15-fold efficient compared to any other organic fertilizers and is absolutely harmless for any type of soil.
Advantages of bio-humus compared to other organic fertilizers:
1. It is free of weed seeds;
2. Does not contain pathogenic micro-flora;
3. Does not contain heavy metals;
4. Does not require the period of adaptation;
5. Is not washed out of the soil;
6. Cleans out the soil of nitrates;
7. Fertilizes the soil with all required microelements;
8. Plants consume practically 100% of bio-humus.

Bio-humus by “Gumi-Prime”
                 The Advantages of Bio-Humus Compared to Manure and Mineral Fertilizers
As you already know bio-humus is unique micro-biological, mineral fertilizer which is produced as a result of processing the manure of domestic animals and the wastes from other plants by worms.  Our agricultural lands are quickly loosing agro-chemical and biotechnical indicators.   Modern fertilizers pollute soil by nitrates and heavy metals.  Those in turn negatively affect the quality of the products and in many cases the products become dangerous for health.
The main advantage of bio-humus is improving the health condition of land.  It significantly improves the agro-chemical indicators of soil, increases the aeration level of soil and improves hydrological indicators as well.  Consequent from the above the general productivity increases, the quality of products improves significantly and it practically becomes ecologically clean. 
As for the economic indicators the large-scale use of bio-humus is also profitable.  The efficiency of manure and mineral fertilizers practically equals zero during the third year after its use while humus is efficient during 5-6 years after its use.  Mineral fertilizers accelerates the growth and development of weeds together with agricultural plants while the often use of bio-humus actually leans the land from the weeds as apart from the manure there are no seeds of weeds in it.  Finally as a result of it the mechanical labor cost decreases.  To process 1 hectare of land 40-60 tons of manure is needed if bio0humus is used only 3-5 tones of it is enough.  Hence the labor cost is also saved in this process. 
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