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The optimal quantity of worms for vermicompost production is 30000 pcs per 1m ²
biogumus_1-3-5kg_01 biogumus_granules_01 biogumus_tablets_01 Liquid vermicompost
Culture Soaking period Root Leaves
Lettuce, onion, garlic,
seasonings, spinage
12 -16 hr         200 ml - 10 l. water
             Once a week
        100 ml - 10 l. water
             Once a week

Cucumber, pumpkin, melon,
tomato, carrot.
18-20 hr         100 ml - 10 l. water
             Once a week
          50 ml - 10 l. water
              Once a week
       Decorative flowers
         roots and tubers
20-30 minutes before planting        10-15 ml - 1 l. water
            Twice a month
          60 ml - 10 l. water
              Once a week
     Decorative flowers seeds 20-24 hr        10-15 ml - 1 l. water
            Twice a month
          60 ml - 10 l. water
              Once a week
     Citruses, pomegranate,
          fig, wine-grapes
1 hr. before re-planting         250 ml - 10 l. water
            Twice a month
         150 ml - 10 l. water
            Twice a month
Strawberries, grapes ----          60 ml - 10 l. water
              Once a week
          40 ml - 10 l. water
             Once a week
  The “Macro Prime” Company was established by agricultural, economic, managerial and marketing specialists and
experienced representatives of agricultural farms.
  Our company produces ecologically pure complex organic fertilizer vermicompost  named “Gumi-Prime”.It is revised by
worms fermented cattle manure. This is unique fertilizer which intensive use will restore empty and chemically
contaminated soil. It grows productivity of cultures from 20% to 70%.  And the main benefit is that intensive usage of “Gumi-
Prime” gives us absolutely healthy food products.

  We have very wide range of clients. Namely: all bio-production firms or farmers, greenhouses and sapling farms, viticulture
and horticulture spheres, urban forestry services, firms serving sport grounds,livestock, poultry and fish farming spheres
(biomass of the worm is unique and very expensive nutritional supplement), and at last all flower lover housewives and office
   Bio-humus produced by “Macro Prime” is a natural bio-humus concentrated water solution.  Bio-humus itself is obtained using the hybrid of local worms and Californian red worms which process the fermented manure of horned cattle.  The solution of the fertilizer contains all substances which are presented in bio-humus.  The preparation is liquid which enables quick and efficient acceptance of all necessary substances by plants.  There are balanced concentrations of biologically active substances, the full set of humine acids and stimulators of fast growth and development of plants.  The efficiency of liquid bio-humus is determined by micro-flora which is produced by the surface of the body of the worm and symbiotic micro organisms which are present in the worm intestines.
   The plant growth is increased 1.5-2-times by using the liquid bio-humus.  It accelerates the formation of roots, stimulates the growth and development of plants.  It decreases the number of nitrates and heavy metals in soil.  It also increases the sugar, vitamins and protein concentration in fruit and vegetables.  Bio-humus accelerates photo-synthesis and the ripening of fruit, increases its storage period, increases the harvest (15-60% depending on the cultures).  It also increases the immunity of plants against diseases, re-planting, mechanical damage and temperature change.
Liquid bio-humus contains the following necessary substances for plants: huminic substance - not less than 3 g/l; NPK - not
less than 4 g/l microelements; Mg, Fe, B, Mn, Zn, S. Acidity not more than Ph-7,5.  Soluble forms of substances of
Vermicompost: humates, pulvo acids, amino acids, natural phito hormones, vitamins, micro and macroelements and spores of
soil producing bacteria.

  Liquid vermicompost appointments: fertilizing the cereals, vegetables, fruit, grapes, decorative and other cultures.;
Indoor and garden plants growth stimulating and prolongation of flowering period; Prolongation of flowers freshness after
  It is possible to produce ecological high quality agricultural products using the liquid bio-humus.  It is also possible to
decrease the losses during the product storage period.
Use rules: to soak the seeds before sowing the solution of 1/20 (1l of fertilizer per 20 l of water).
The rules of using the solution varies according to the cultures:
Storage and safety rules: Keep the liquid bio-humus in close places to prevent from sun effect. Validity - 18 months. It does not lose its quality after freezing. It can produce residual mass. Shake before use. Does not require special safety regulations - only elementary hygiene norms.
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